A product of the 1960’s, I grew up with consumer behaviours that included throwing coffee cups and cigarette packages out of car windows, discarded fast food packaging, bottles and can on the side of the road and dogs running loose in the neighbourhood doing some of the things that dogs do.

These days, this type of behaviour is considered to be deplorable and engaging in it would, no doubt, elicit a sharp reproach from any witnesses. This is great and a step in the right direction.

What about the types of littering that are a little more insidious? The things the we cannot immediately see. Such as green house gas? That little plastic bag that our snacks are packaged in? The plastic film that encase our meat in the grocery store and the thin plastic bags that we fill with our fresh produce?

To make matters worse, less than 10% of plastics are actually recycled and reused.

The answer? Just get rid of plastic. We have no right to dump this in our waterways and landfill, not to mention shipping our plastic pollution to other countries.

All of the KarmaPet packaging is 100% plastic free. The re-sealable, stand up pouches, labels, inks, adhesives and mailers are all home-compostable. No home-compost? No problem. Simply place them in your regular household waste or, if facilities exist, your municipal compost collection bins.

Please DO NOT place these materials in your recycling bins. The material is NOT recyclable as it does not contain any plastic and can cause damage to recycling facilities.

We can always do better. This. Is. Better.


KarmaPet Inc. is committed to animal welfare and the registered charities that provide shelter and sanctuary to animals in need.

Our commitment is the promise to donate 10% of net proceeds from the sale of KarmaCanine and KarmaCat products to shelters and sanctuaries operating in the communities where purchases originate. Through the use of a database through which purchases are tracked, animal shelters and sanctuaries local to the purchasers will benefit from monthly giving.


KarmaPet is packaged in home-compostable, re-sealable, stand-up zipper pouches. The ink used in printing the packages is vegetable-based. The mailers are also home-compostable. The packaging can be disposed of in the home-composter, in the household garbage or Municipal composting bin. Please do not place packaging in the recycling bin – it is not recyclable and can do damage to the recycling facility machinery.


I purchase all my beef liver and chicken breast from Harley Farms, located in Keene, Ontario.
Please click the link below to find out more about this dedicated family farm.


KarmaPet is committed to zero carbon emissions and will be reinvesting revenue into renewable energy (solar system) to power the entire operation. This site will be updated on a regular basis.